Gluten Free

We recognised that many customers who suffer from Coeliac disease were unable to enjoy fish and chips. That was simply unacceptable to us. So we decided to create a gluten free menu especially for customers who suffer from Coeliac disease each day we are open. In order to guarantee gluten free food we;

– Have a dedicated fryer

– We use separate utensils to serve gluten free fish + chips

– Use Frymax vegetable oil

– Train all our friers and servers to handle and prepare gluten free food

– Make our batter using natural batter mix

In accordance with the new food regulations introduced in December 2014, we have developed a chart to highlight any allergens contained in the products we sell. All staff are trained to understand this chart and are able to offer advice should it be required. Please do not hesitate to ask!

To see the full Gluten Free Menu click here