The Future of our Planet

As a family run fish and chip shop, we cannot stress enough the importance of protecting The future of our oceans for further generations.

Manufacturers need to take responsibility for their products and as consumers, we all need to work together to reduce our plastic.

Here are some facts:

• For every 100m of British Beach, there are over 200 plastic or polystyrene items
• There are 63 Billion Tonnes of plastic waste on Earth
• Plastic bottles take 150 years to biodegrade
• Plastic will outweigh fish by 2050

What are we doing and how can you help too?

• We have removed plastic straws
• We are plastic free pioneers for Chester
• We have replaced plastic knives and forks
• We promote these positive messages with our local schools
• We use biodegradable boxes or cardboard boxes
• We use paper bags – please use them again
• We are continually striving to make positive changes
• We use biodegradable pea pots
• FSC – Forest Stewardship Council
• Sustainably Sourced Recycled Paper made in Manchester
• PEFC – Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
• All Biodegradable compostable recycle

Plastic Free Pioneers for Chester

We are delighted to announce that Fish and chips @ Weston Grove have officially been accredited by MSC.

This means that all of our fish comes from a sustainable wild catch fishery independently certified to the MSC fisheries standard. It provides us with a chain of custody which is maintained from the moment the fish is caught to the time that it is served to our customers. This guarantee’s that all of our fish comes From sustainable stocks.

We are proud to be one of the few fish and chips shops in The UK to Be MSC certified – Look out for the official ‘Blue Tick’ Logo. This Means that everyone in the team is able to tell you where your fish today was caught and the fishing vessel it came from.

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