About Us

We are a small, independent, family run business with an amazing team who have won many national accolades for our responsibly sourced traditional fish and chips.

We are exceptionally proud to be:

  • Recognised as the third takeaway in the UK at the National Fish and Chip Awards (plus two more awards, 1st for our chips and 1st for sustainability). What an award ceremony that was!
  • MSC certified
  • GF UK accredited
  • Heinz food heroes 2020/21
  • Plastic free pioneers for the city of Chester
  • Gold sustainable palm oil champions for Chester Zoo
  • NFFF quality award holders
  • Makaton friendly
  • Dementia friendly
  • Providers of apprenticeships

Our commitment is to provide excellent quality food and the highest standard of customer service, our team strive every day to bring our customers the best!

We believe when it comes to providing good, quality food, there can be no compromise.

We strive to source the best available products on the market, and wherever possible, local. We support local businesses such as Coward’s pies in Frodsham and The Gluten Free Pie Company in Liverpool.

We want our customers to be confident when eating with us, they are eating quality produce every time.

Award winning fish and chips doesn’t need to cost the Earth, by this we mean that everything we do is ethical and is not having a negative impact on the environment.

We only use the best Icelandic cod and Haddock caught in sustainable waters by Thorfish. We believe when it comes to providing good, quality food, there can be no compromise.
We know the exact trawler our sustainable fish comes from which is displayed in the shop and can be tracked every minute of the day.

Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove are delighted to have been awarded the MSC certification and the first in Chester and a wide radius to receive it!

We are 100% committed to only using fish from sustainable sources, ALL of the fish (cod and haddock) sold at Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove is MSC certified. We believe The Fish & Chip Industry has a huge responsibility in ensuring our fish supplies are plentiful for future generations, we are extremely proud to be playing a small part in this very important scheme.

We are Gold Sustainable Palm Oil Champions for Chester Zoo, The first Fish and Chip Shop to do this in Chester, The UK and the World.

We are plastic free pioneers for the city of Chester.

Our straws, cutlery, boxes and pea pots are either compostable or biodegradable.

Great to receive this recognition for our positive steps to remove single use plastics in our shop.
Remember you can reuse your bags and bring your own containers for our mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy, not forgetting our amazing homemade tartare sauce 😋

Plastic Free

Emma Whitehouse

Emma has exceptional customer service skills and drives up service standards with her attention to detail and hygiene practices. Emma is responsible for staff training and is most knowledgeable about the allergens contained in food.


James is our Fish Frier Apprentice. James works closely with Richard to learn about all aspects of the business with a great focus on frying our amazing products. James is a bit of a comedian and is a great addition to the team. He is a keen motorbike enthusiast too.

Joelle Bennett

Joelle is a key member of the team. She mainly works on the till and customer service area but has a keen interest in the business with a strong focus on the quality of service.

Before and throughout lockdown, Joelle was up and running the online ordering system.

Josette Foster

Josette’s childhood memories are of her time visiting her Gran’s cottage in North Yorkshire and the excitement of going to get traditional Fish and chips wrapped in Newspaper. “ It was so exciting to watch the friar in white wellies carrying buckets of batter through from the back. The smell as I walked to the chippy and the smoke coming out of the chimney were truly unforgettable.I always felt strange asking for what my mum had told me, two ones of each! This sounds corny but it’s true, It became my childhood dream to one day have my own chippy.”
Years passed and the dream was put on hold until her husband Richard made her dream come true.
A former hospitality lecturer and senior leader at a large FE college, Josette although new to the fish and chip industry was able to bring her enthusiasm for providing excellence and raising standards to the shop in Chester.
After Richard was taken seriously ill when they took over the shop Josette had to learn all aspects of the business very quickly. She is very hands on in her approach doing many of the back ground chores that keep the business such a success. Her homemade chilli and tartare sauce are extremely popular. Josette is able to implement Richard and Josette’s ideas and continues to turn their vision into success.


Lizzie is part of our fantastic service team. She is currently studying for her A Levels. Lizzie is a keen rower for her school rowing team and also the successful Netball team.

Richard Foster

A true Yorkshireman, Richard is difficult to understand with his strong accent. When the shop is open Richard is always seen behind the frying range, outnumbered by the women on the team. Prior to opening, he spends hours each day cutting your amazing fish, weighing each and everyone, yes really! And filtering his frying pans so they are perfect for you. Perfection doesn’t just happen. Hours of planning and passion go into producing our incredible food.
Richard at an early age had to take on his father’s business due to ill health as a potato merchant. Following his early struggles he grew a successful business supplying potatoes to award winning fish and chip shops across Yorkshire. There isn’t anything that Richard doesn’t know about potatoes, test him. He can be quite annoying when out in restaurants because he can name the potato variety he is eating.
Richard married Josette in August 2016 and guess where they had their reception, yes a Fish and Chip restaurant in York.


Chester works every shift to ensure that only sustainable palm oil is used in our shop, great work Chester!

Sandra Clarkson

There isn’t much Sandra doesn’t know about service. She can quickly serve many customers, accurately with outstanding customer service skills. You may get asked by Sandra if you want flat or fizzy water and then be heard a few weeks later asking Sandra for flat water.
Sandra is multi talented.


Currently studying for A Levels. Will is our main Friday and Saturday chip frier and delivery guy.


Currently studying engineering at college. Josh is a great front of house member of the team.

Proud To Serve Sustainably Sourced Fish

We are delighted to announce that Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove have officially been accredited by MSC.

This means that all of out fish comes from sustainable wild catch fishery independently certified to the MSC fisheries standard. It provides us with a chain of custody which is maintained from the moment the fish is caught, to the time that it is served to our customers. This guarantees that all of our fish comes from sustainable stocks.

We are proud to be one of the few fish and chips shops in the UK to be MSC certified – Look out for the official ‘Blue Tick’ logo. This means that everyone in the team is able to tell you where your fish today was caught and the fishing vessel it came from.