Our Fish

Fish and Chips @ Weston Grove are acutely aware of the impact of overfishing and its effect, locally and globally on the environment. Consequently, we only use fish from sustainable sources. This ensures that fish shops like ours can continue to serve the finest quality fish for many years to come.

Our fish is caught in the beautiful, clear, Icelandic Waters and frozen at sea within 2hrs of being caught. You can trace our trawlers by following this link Thorfish

What is MSC?

So what does the blue fish label, that you see in our shop and on our menu really mean?

This is the world’s most recognised mark for sustainable seafood. Choosing seafood with this label means you are helping to:​

  • Tackle overfishing ​
  • Safeguard ocean habitats & species ​
  • Achieve SDG14 ​(sustainable development goal, life below water)
  • We are one of only 7 fish and chip shops in the whole of the North West! Choose the blue fish.

Last year, we made one of the biggest investments in the business since opening in 2016 and we did it for you.
We bought a brand-new frying range. Installed back in October 2019, our range includes all the bells and whistles so we can continue serving the best fish and chips we can

What the range does for our customers:

  • Our new Florigo range is highly efficient with increased recovery times. This means that we can fry more food without losing temperature, so you don’t have to wait as long for your freshly cooked fish and chips.
  • It also cooks a healthier product because our chips have less time to absorb the oil. Recent certified test results show 5.9 grams fat with 173 calories per 100g for our lite bites fish, chips with peas
  • Our frying range is gas certified at a High Efficiency of 92% meaning it uses less gas, releasing less pollution and reducing our carbon footprint significantly.
  • All Florigo ranges are fitted with stainless baffles, designed to help prevent oil and grease entering the extraction duct work and making its way into the atmosphere.
  • Every Florigo range is fitted with a state-of-the-art Active Triple Filtration system. This naturally extends the life of our oil and removes even the smallest of carbon particles. Filtering everyday ensures our oil remains of the highest quality for our customers.
  • We also have a dedicated Gluten Free pan built-in, so we can continuity offer our Gluten Free daily!